Thursday, 3 March 2011

There is a campaign in Germany for a movie called Powder Girl. You get the TV and poster just for logging in. The snowboard comes from the cinema. Reminds me of Chalet Girl.

(click photo to enlarge)

If you are not from Germany you'll need a web proxy...go to or

Paste this link into the box: and hit browse/go

Log in, then paste this link into the box: (for the snowboard)

I had to use a MANUAL proxy to get the snowboard since I had to watch the ENTIRE video. I used port 80 (it's fairly fast) (thanks browseinstardoll!) .
Sometimes if we wait we can get the items just by visiting the page. Up to you.

Log off the proxy and into regular Stardoll.

They will be in a bag to the right of your closet.


^^ credit to underneath sd.

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