Monday, 28 February 2011

NewDollAlert: Ivete Sangalo

I do not have a photo at the moment of the doll on STARDOLL but i will show that when i come back from shopping hopefully. ;)

Born in Brazil with the name of Ivete Maria Dias de Sangalo and of the date of... May 27, 1972... Ivete is famous for her Brazilian Music/Latin she produces.

Fact: The New York Times praised the show in Madison Square Garden, comparing Sangalo to Beyoncé and Shakira, saying Sangalo has a strong energy and charisma. The article points out that the barrier of language as the main challenge for her international career and success. 14,500 people were in attendance for the concert. Far more than the normal 3,000-4,000 that would be expected for a non-English-speaking act when playing in the US...

She has had 6 albums with her band and then went Solo with 10 albums. Most of her Albums went straight to Platinum, Gold and Diamond...

DO YOU KNOW HER more than i do? If you do, please comment or contact me on Stardoll to improve my research. Thank You Peeps.


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