Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Tokyo Pop SHOP!

allo my stardoll monsters... I know none of yall read this but I wanna post my propper first stardoll blog thingy majig. So there is a new shop, you wouldnt see it in starplaza...,30406,30407,30408,30409,30410,30411,30412,30413,30414,30415,30416,30417,30418,30419,30420,30421,30422,30423,30424,30425,30426,30427,30428,30429,30430,30431,30432,30433,30434,30435,30436,30437,30438,30439,30440,30441,30442,30443,30444,30445,30446,30447,30448,30449,30450,30451,30452,30453,30454,30455,30456,30457,30458,30459,30460,30461,30462,30463,30464,30465

I know its reaaallly Long but i cant really figuer out how to do a hyperlink yet, I'll get there my friends, i'll get there.

Heres the items from the shops. See what you likey and buyey. LOL

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